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How to Become a Better Learner (Episode 6) | Belvista Studios' Insights

How to Become a Better Learner (Episode 6) | Belvista Studios' Insights

Do you want to become a better learner?  In this episode Kim, Hannah and Victoria from Belvista Studios discuss how to learn new things on the job (and retain it). We link this back to the way we design learning solutions and step into the shoes of our learners. We also discuss how to give feedback effectively. Our intent with Belvista Studios' Insights is to support others in the industry to take their instructional design and eLearning skills to the next level by sharing raw insights into what we are learning as a team at Belvista Studios. Here are the resources mentioned: Milanote: Our Creator Hub: Free storyboard template: Free Writing Effective Scenario Questions Guide: How to Write Scenario Questions (video): 💜💙 If you like this episode, you will like our CREATOR HUB. It offers a range of services that aim to support you in developing, improving and growing to meet your future needs in the instructional design and eLearning industry. COACHING: COURSES: TEMPLATES: FREEBIES:  GIVE GRATITUDE: This helps us on our mission to provide quality education to you.  🖥️ Belvista Studios’ Website:  📺 Belvista Studios’ YouTube Channel: ✍️ Belvista Studios’ Blog:  💻 Belvista Studios’ LinkedIn:  📷 Belvista Studios’ Instagram:  👉 See our Belvista Studios' Insights Playlist for more episodes like this:  We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! :)

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