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John Marr, Pastor at The Hive Corvallis

John Marr, Pastor at The Hive Corvallis

Leadership Portraits is a conversation designed to inspire the leader in you. This portrait features John Marr. John currently leads a micro-church called "The Green Tree," a part of the Hive Communities, in Corvallis Oregon ( John also works for Nike in Beaverton, Oregon doing application development as well as owns his own business doing mobile application development. John is a true renaissance man; an artist, author, song-writer, videographer, and more. John is currently publishing a children's book called "Little Yukka" ( John is also a husband and father of four. John's leadership journey unexpectedly began shortly after he became a Christian and steadily progress as he began to lead mission trips around the world, youth groups, mission internships, Bible schools, and now as a house church leader. In episode six of Leadership Portraits, John shares with us some very powerful truths about leadership as well as some of his own background and personal journey of leadership development. This was an inspiring conversation for me and I hope it will be for you too. Thank you so much for listening and learning! Quotes: "How a man leads at home is how he leads." "Leadership is a blessing that creates a blessing. That's the point; the creation of a blessing for others, it's the common good that's the focus." "Either you love people or you don't." "Leadership makes real the best common good." "A part of leadership is recognizing and calling out the good in someone, opening up opportunities for them where they can even fail and making room for them to fail." "Good leadership creates the best experience for the common good of people." "Leadership ISN'T me somehow experiencing my gifts and making waves in the world and leaving a stamp." "Leadership is the bridge between where we are and where we should be–at all levels; whether it's emotional, psychological, financial, relational..." Music from,, and

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