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Jeff & Kari Patterson, Leaders of Renew Church, Oregon City

Jeff & Kari Patterson, Leaders of Renew Church, Oregon City

Leadership Portraits is a conversation created to inspire the leader in you! Have you ever started a business? Founded a community? Planted a church? Are you currently leading a long-term project or team? This will be a helpful conversation for you; offering tools well-suited to navigate your challenges. In episode seven of Leadership Portraits, Jeff and Kari Patterson share with us some very powerful truths about leadership and building trust as well as some of their backgrounds and paths of leadership development. This was an inspiring conversation for me and I hope it will be for you too. Thank you so much for listening and learning! This leadership portrait features Jeff and Kari Patterson. Together, they are the leaders of Renew Church in Oregon City, Oregon. Jeff is the lead pastor at Renew Church and also a triathlete. He's currently training for a half-ironman triathlon raining money for Team World Vision, helping provide clean drinking water to people in need. Kari Patterson is a well known speaker, blogger, and author of several books such as "Faithfully Frugal: spend less, give more, and live more." You can learn more about Kari at her website and also follow her blog, "The Sacred Mundane." Jeff and Kari have two children, Dutch and Heidi. Together they live in Beaver Creek, Oregon. Quotes from Jeff Patterson: "People like to follow a leader who doesn't have it all together." "Our title should follow the character we have." "If I think of others as lesser than me, I will not elevate them." Quotes from Kari Patterson: "What men do in private effects every relationship they have." "Public dishonor is chipping away at people's ability to follow that person." Building and protecting trust: -Never embarrass or make another person uncomfortable publicly. -Create safety to fail in private by never misrepresenting your spouse/team in public. -Ask for permission before sharing private stories in a public setting, and only if they will be helpful for others to know. -Make role/job decisions based on gifting rather than tradition. -Look for and act on opportunities to honor each other in public. -Don't advertise a private disagreement into a public setting. Referenced resources: "The Making of a Leader" by Robert J. Clinton Connect with Jeff and Kari Patterson: Renew Church: Jeff Patterson blog: Follow Jeff on Twitter: Kari Patterson resources and blog: Follow Kari on Twitter: Find Kari's books on Amazon: Music on this episode of Leadership Portraits is from:,, and

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