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Prescription Drugs and Addiction

Prescription Drugs and Addiction

Law & Disorder discuss prescription drugs and addiction. As most of us know, when a drug addiction (or SUD) begins with prescription drugs, it may not be as easy to detect or accept in the early stages. Often when someone is suffering from the early stages of prescription drug addiction, they may be able to conceal and easily "justify" their problem and may also not even feel they even have a problem. The signs are all very similar as a full blown addiction, they just vary from the type of drug one is struggling with. Some of the most addictive prescription drugs have a counterpart or comparable on the street, in the form of an illegal substance. Many times, a person may transition from prescription drugs to street drugs simply because of supply issues (street drugs are more accessible) and cost.  How does one approach a person they feel is abusing prescription drugs? How is abuse of prescription drugs actually defined? What are the "red flags" of early addiction? What is being done to limit easy access to prescription drugs? Listen as Tim and Joe break it all down and how a listener takes a poke at Tim!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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