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Regulation Of The Supplement Industry (Part 2) - Daniel Fabricant 4/8/16

Regulation Of The Supplement Industry (Part 2) - Daniel Fabricant 4/8/16

Daniel Fabricant, CEO and Executive Director of the Natural Products Association returns to the Late Night Health show to talk with Mark Alyn about regulation of the supplement industry and more.Since 1936 the Natural Products Association (NPA) has been working with government agencies to protect the American people. Freedom of healthcare choice is the backbone of this trade association. The NPA helps to maintain good manufacturing practices for both industry and consumers.The question of are GMOs good or bad is not the issue. The NPA has called for a national labeling law for Genetically Modified foods. It's that simple. Vermont has passed a law requiring foods be labeled in such a manner. This is a step in the right direction, but having 50 different laws will put undo stress on national manufacturers that would have to comply with all the different laws. A national rule would allow one way of requiring the labeling. Major GMO creators are fighting this by spending millions of dollars lobbying state and federal officials.Dietary supplements are also in the news. Attorney Generals in several states, as well as some members of Congress are calling for more regulation of the industry. These AGs and Congressional members are uninformed of the current rules established by the passing of the DSEA Act in 1994. The current rules are more than adequate and need to be followed. More regulation would be redundant and cost the government more in trying to enforce new rules.The show also touches on the Health Savings ACT of 2016 which would allow Americans with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) up to $1,000 reimbursement for dietary and nutritional supplements for preventive care options.

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