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Ep 25: Natal Chart Readings

Ep 25: Natal Chart Readings

We are talking about spirituality today. We have discussed spirituality in the past, and we see that spirituality is often defined within the context of religion or white supremacy. As we go on the journey of finding our own spiritual grounding we are recognizing that our practices are a part of our journey in reclaiming what was lost through colonization. What saves us from whitewashing and white supremacy is the spiritual connection we have with our ancestors. We also have all kinds of healers and spiritual practitioners in our community and we’ve each had our own experiences encountering magic. 16:21 - Discussing our natal chart readings and our experience with astrology18:47 - Academia vs spirituality and how astronomy and astrology are one and the same 25:50 - Coming to terms with psychic abilities in ourselves and our ancestors and confronting our discomfort using that word 31:28 - Reclaiming our gifts from patriarchal, Christian guilt 39:21 - What it really means to heal your ancestors 44:35 - Main takeaways from our natal chart readings Resources Mentioned Esoteric Esa -Esoteric Homegirl Karissa M Raya - Reiki Practitioner and PhotographerMelodia - Zumba and Meditation Latinx Parenting - Nonviolent Parenting

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