Nicole Archambault

046: How I Created My Dream Career with Online Tech Courses

046: How I Created My Dream Career with Online Tech Courses

In this episode, Nicole tells the story of how she decided to create online tech courses, and why they were powerful enough to make them into an immensely fulfilling (AND very lucrative!) career! Online courses are more popular than they've ever been, especially in the age of social distancing. And they're not going anywhere anytime soon. They revolutionized education as we know it, providing visual and auditory learners with more customized and accessible learning media. I personally leveraged online courses to teach myself front-end web development starting back in 2015. Treehouse TOTALLY revolutionized my education as I knew it, helping me to understand concepts that I absolutely could NOT contextualize before. While listening to this episode, I hope that you'll begin to see options for you in the Educational Technology industry! I did a previous episode of the podcast on why I decided to become an entrepreneur, which may also help you decide if creating online courses could be something you'd be interested in pursuing. Peace, love, and code,

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