Nicole Archambault

039: Learning to Think Like a Programmer

039: Learning to Think Like a Programmer

In this episode, Nicole shines a light on what it really means to "think like a programmer", and highlights some of the traits of individuals who tend to think this way. When I first began learning to code, it felt like some people just had more natural aptitude than I did. I had to wonder: what did they have that I didn't? Or did I have it in me, but I just wasn't channeling it properly? It turns out, I'm quite the programmatic thinker! (You'll learn what that means in the episode) Being aware of powerful programmatic mental approaches and interpretations will also help you to hone this perspective, so you can improve them on an ongoing basis. You'll be able to notice the little things that newbie coders and advanced beginners tend to overlook. I hope this episode will help you in your education and career! 😊

Duration: 22 min

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