We Do The Work - September 29 2015, Labor History

We Do The Work - September 29 2015, Labor History

“Learn Yourself” and Conor Casey, Labor Archivist for the Labor Archives of Washington Interview: Mike starts a special segment of We Do The Work called ‘Learn Yourself” that will explore an historical labor event hoping listeners will learn more about Labor history. The interviews will be with Conor Casey, Labor Archivist at the Labor Archives of Washington, at University of Washington Libraries Special Collections, and the first ‘Learn Yourself’ will be about the Everett Massacre, also called Bloody Sunday, where a confrontation caused 7 to 12 people to be murdered on November 5, 1916. We Do The Work Comments: > Right-to-Work has a racist history. > Union membership used to be a matter of economic self-interest but not anymore.

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