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Knockout Origins Episode 4 Featuring Sara Haghighat-joo

Knockout Origins Episode 4 Featuring Sara Haghighat-joo

Hey everybody,  We hope you are doing well! Here is episode 4 of KO Origins: A Combat Sports Podcast.  In this episode, we have with us Sara Haghighat-Joo Canada/Ireland #1 female boxer!! She is extremely talented and an awesome person all around! We are so lucky she said yes to coming on the podcast and talking with us for such a long time. Sara Haghighat-Joo: The Champ of Champs! Follow Sara on Instagram: Thanks for listening! Take care, Host: Abigail Dube (She/Her) Co-Host: Genia Melbourne (They/Them) You can watch the full episode on our Youtube channel "Knockout Origins": About the Show: KO Origins: A Combat Sports Podcast Blood, sweat and tears. Glory, failure and sometimes utter humiliation. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the best of the best athletes. Each episode we are going to talk to professionals, national champs, amateurs and the people in between to see where they got their taste for combat sports! Social Links: Wanna join our Patreon Community? #knockoutorigins #combatsports #sportspodcast This video features music created using Groovepad. Available on Google Play, --- Send in a voice message:

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