Episode 9 - Anime - Views and Reviews

Episode 9 - Anime - Views and Reviews

Anime - What is it?  What shows are worth watching?  What makes it so popular? Anime is the term for Japanese produced animation. It is estimated that there are 50 million fans of anime and manga around the world with the global anime market size valued at approximately USD 24.23 billion. Listen in as Kess and Sam discuss Anime, what makes it so appealing and popular, and what Anime shows they've seen that they feel are worth watching. If you haven't watched anime before you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it - give it a try - there is a show for everyone. And if you're already an anime lover - listen to our reviews of A Silent Voice and Anohana. See if you agree with us and visit our website at www.kinned.ca or tweet us @kinned7 to let us know what your favourite anime is and why. Follow us on Twitter @kinned7Instagram at kinned_podcastFacebook at kinnedpodcast Visit our website at www.kinned.ca 

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