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Episode 16: Running on fumes

Episode 16: Running on fumes

Dig deep.  Some days you got it, and some days you don't.  Energy is limited and sometimes life calls for a break in some form or another.  Not feeling my best today, feeling kinda under the weather, but still trying to show up and put out some content.  I don't know how you are doing in your neck of the woods, but it feels like sometimes I am behind.  Most times I feel like Im doing so much but not really getting anywhere.  But thats because that part of me wants to compare myself to others.  I am human, I do see others and wish I could would should, but I know deep down inside thats not who I am thats not what I really want.  I want the full effect, I want to know more than them I want fulfillment and embrace this process on the road to success and financial freedom.  I know there are no shortcuts and I want to take my time, because I have faith that in the end it will all be worth it! To whoever is reading this description, thank you so much, and thank you for clicking on my podcast.  I wish you only the best going forward and I wish that you stay positive and strong as you continue your journey! Much Aloha, Kili  Check this episode out at the link here:

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