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Episode 12: Consistency is vital

Episode 12: Consistency is vital

Showing up everyday is a challenge.  In order to reach goals, in order to change the course of your current state, in order to see results, consistency is what needs to be achieved.  Making a schedule AND executing that plan has been a struggle and a challenging thing to accomplish.  I've been changing ever so slightly since last November, and ever since this podcast re-started before the New Year 2021, I have been changing more and more.  Just the consistency is lacking and I could do better.  If I continue doing these steps and advancing ever so slightly, I know I will see the results I'd want to see for myself.  But again, desire is one thing, belief is one thing, but ACTION and momentum is key to achieving these goals.  Stay positive, stay true to you and don't ever give up trying to strive for better.  You are different today than you were yesterday, stick with it.  Lets go yall! Aloha, Kili Check out this episode on YouTube at the link below! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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