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Episode 10: Go through the motions

Episode 10: Go through the motions

If you have goals this year, force your self to achieve a little bit at a time.  Instead of focusing on the big goal for example, doing 100 pushups in a day, and trying to do it in one try; maybe try looking at it in a different way.  Maybe instead of looking at it in the big picture, maybe try doing 1 push up at a time.  Do one.  Then if you need to rest, rest.  But then you do one more.  Then another.  Win the one.  Just conquer that one pushup.  Spread your 100 pushups throughout the day so it wouldn't feel like alot.  Idk if this explanation helps, but Ive been taking this process one step at a time.  Instead of thinking so hard about what topic to share in my podcast or video, just do it.  Just create something, anything.  It might even spark something up.  My goal is to produce audio content every day this year.  I want to look back on this year and be able to watch the journey unfold.  I've never done anything everyday for a year.  This is going to be that year where I break that.  This will be the year I achieve that goal.  For myself first.  Stay positive on your journey yall! Thanks for listening, Aloha, Kili --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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