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Dennis van der Zee - Talent management at Derivco

Dennis van der Zee - Talent management at Derivco

“Managing demands of future business aspirations and current people needs requires that the design of a talent management strategy, talent philosophies and processes are user-centric, immersed in context and value driven." Dennis van der Zee------------I this episode we talk to Dennis van der Zee, about talent management. Dennis is an organizational psychologist that heads up Talent at Derivco - an online gaming development house. He has experience ranging from global culture integrations, performance management design, and global leadership bench strength development. In this episode, we touch on a wide range of topics including:Digital HRPerformance managementBuilding a Talent Minded business without becoming inflexible, and Working with managers to ensure effective talent management practices------------You can connect with Dennis on Linkedin: you would like to participate, or if you want to hear more about a specific topic, please send an email to

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