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Episode 1: Let Me Introduce You...

Episode 1: Let Me Introduce You...

Come along as I introduce you to Jennifer (Olson) Servo, whose Texas murder has remained unsolved for 15 years!  Help us find out who murdered Jennifer! On this season of Justice...Delayed we'll be investigating the unsolved murder of Jennifer (Olson) Servo.  We'll use crowd- sourcing to receive information and tips to hopefully find out who murdered Jennifer and provide that information to the proper authorities so that this 15 year mystery can be solved.   Episode 1 Sources, Music and Artwork   Vine, Katy “Why Can’t They Find the Killer”, Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2003 Jennifer (Olson) Servo Obituary,   Kendall, Jennifer, “11 years later, former Abilene TV reporter Jennifer Servo's murder remains unsolved”, September 19, 2013 Dow, Harold, 48 Hours Mystery “Two Cold Cases, Two Families, On 48 Hours Mystery” Broadcast April 19, 2008 Stowers, Carlton “Girl in the Grave: And Other True Crime Stories” February 23, 2017 Martz, Geoff, “'She Could Have Gone Anywhere She Wanted to” September 11, 2007 "Looking Back", Music for Podcasts by Lee Rosevere copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (4.0) license., Artwork created for Newmanity LLC by Katelyn Spencer

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