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Camilla d'Errico - Fighting body shaming & bullying with art

Camilla d'Errico - Fighting body shaming & bullying with art

In this episode, I talk to my sister Camilla d'Errico. Camilla is a renowned illustrator and painter. We talk about her challenges growing up as an unconventional artist, the importance of being yourself, and her proactive and fierce stance around diversity, body shaming, and online bullying. She is dedicated to creating a safe, open and inclusive community of art lovers and fans. Her latest sold-out solo show, 'Sky' is an homage to diversity and inclusion of all people. We started her business in 2008, choosing to monetize and commercialize her art at a time when it was very frowned upon. We don't like being told, 'you can't!' No stranger to criticism, Camilla has always honored herself, obstinately held onto her imagination, her love of play and fantasy, and honed her talent to become one of the most loved pop surrealist painters in the world. Links & Info: --- Support this podcast:

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