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JMAA LIVE! Episode 36 - The Cringe Intensifies...

JMAA LIVE! Episode 36 - The Cringe Intensifies...

Valorant, Coronavirus, Nick Fuentes cringe, the catboy fucked Nick Fuentes and more this week on the JMAA LIVE Podcast.This is a very special podcast in particular, I could tell, because there's not too many talking points in this one, but we dedicated a whole segment of the podcast not only to the Coronavirus Watch, but also to Nick Fuentes, a man who's apparently an entire festival of cringe. How so? He's been a complete embarrassment on CPAC recently, and I couldn't avoid looking away at his misery and not be entertained by it, like it was some sort of Monty Python style trainwreck in slow motion.AND YES, NICK FUENTES FUCKED THE CATBOY. And it's so funny that Fuentes is pushing this narrative about how lolisocks the catboy is straight, because the goddamn catboy is GAY ASS NIGGA. Yes, traps are gay. Yes, fucking traps is GAYER. Here in this podcast we prove Nicholas J. Fuentes' fragile heterosexuality once more, and his lust for luscious catboys. Prepare yourselves for the ULTIMATE CRINGE.Now go ahead and put the dildo in your mouth, or you're cringe.

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