Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón

JMAA LIVE! Episode 35 - L.Ape Meltdown

JMAA LIVE! Episode 35 - L.Ape Meltdown

Suspended on Mailchimp, really bad Duke Nukem impressions, baboons escaping, anime turns you gay, Hotwheels getting BTFO, the OnlyFans leak and more this week on this episode of the JMAA LIVE! Podcast.Sorry for the late upload of this episode, turns out the artist who was gonna make the cover for this podcast episode didn't turn out in time for the podcast cover, so I had to make a temporary one for the time being.Somehow though, I managed to nail the Duke Nukem impressions, despite me saying I did it really badly. Ok, sucks a bit, but it's an OK Duke impression. Take it up, boomer shooters.

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