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JMAA LIVE! Episode 34 - Oniondependence Day

JMAA LIVE! Episode 34 - Oniondependence Day

ONIONDEPENDENCE DAY, the day I cut ties with MrBTFO, Kathy Zhu getting banned, Mike Bloomberg memes, another mass shooting, Twitter factcheckers, Hollywood purity test AI, a midget getting bullied and more this week on the JMAA LIVE! Podcast.ONIONDEPENDENCE DAY IS HERE, a special day so special that even MrBTFO came to my stream to say hi! Not long before he started getting bullied in the stream chat as per usual. As always, Britbong, keep seething. Even if I only get to talk about you once a year, you'll still find any excuse to keep obsessing on me. And I will take poo-eaters over sociopathic vermin any time.And there's also this whole story about this 9 year old Quasimodo looking ass nigga getting "bullied", but there's a whole rabbithole about it. You'll see, this podcast has it all. I just wished I could interview his mom on the regard of his viral video there, but she didn't even reply to my DMs. Oh well, I guess the clout is not for me.HAPPY ONIONDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE!

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