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JMAA LIVE! Episode 32 - The Brexit Special (a.k.a TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES)

JMAA LIVE! Episode 32 - The Brexit Special (a.k.a TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES)

Running away from Bitwave, Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash, Derrick (not a fish) banned from YouTube, Chris Hansen needs to pay, the UK FINALLY leaves the EU with Brexit, Baby Peanut, Coronavirus collapses the whole globalist economy, TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES and more this week on the JMAA LIVE! Podcast.OK, bit of a disclaimer here: there has been some technical difficulties here. I think I left the PC running for too long here, because quite frankly the PC was freezing over for a good 30 minutes and I couldn't do much about it except playing the waiting game. I have to edit this on post as I write this down, so the experience listening to the podcast might be different to what you've experienced in that livestream.Anyway, FINALLY THE BRITS LEAVE THE EU. Can you imagine that shit? After so many years of fucking around with nonsensical bullshit, the britbongs wised up and left that totalitarian horseshit that is the European Union. One particular streamer might celebrate it, which I'll not be happy about, when's us SPANIARDS? HUH? WHEN'S THAT HAPPENING TO US? Let this be a precedent of what the rest of EU countries will do. Soon there'll be a Spainexit or something happening if we dream HARD ENOUGH.And this coronavirus thing... it's crazy! It's gonna collapse the globalist economy, it's making corporations close down factories, there's weird white cubes containing infected people... and the Chinese Government and the WHO are LYING about the whole situation! Over 150,000 infected people and over 24,000 dead!! Now that's what I call a twist! And thank Tencent for that! Even if it was not their intent.Oh yeah, and Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. I guess we can learn one lesson from here: don't let black people run helicopters. And don't mourn on celebrities' deaths. It's boring already. Knock it off.

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