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JMAA LIVE! Episode 30 - Morituri Te Salutant

JMAA LIVE! Episode 30 - Morituri Te Salutant

We were supposed to have bloodsports but instead Spookytube had TheEyeDoctor pussy out, Onision sues Chris Hansen, Joker at the Oscars, Jessica Yaniv beats down a journalist, Boogie2988 eating a dog, Twitch thot eating boogers, Greta Thunberg has pajeets posting for her, Putin probably resignating, living in pods, working in wagie cagies and more on this week at the JMAA LIVE! Podcast.I expected to have a nice IBS match in here between Spookytube Talks vs TheEyeDoctor here, but apparently EyeDoc has completely vanished for the match. He's so absolutely bitchmade he didn't even show up at this episode completely, but Spookytube had some really nasty things to say about him either way, which I don't know if they'll be further revealed if we get another chance to get the two of these fight each other in an Internet bloodsports match, but seems like really interesting lolcow shit. Hopefully there's more to that later.Anyway, we get to the point where we live in such a SOCIETY (pun intended because Joker won nominations for the Oscars, tons of 'em) where we end up living in pods and working in cages. What a world. If I were to fucking work in a cage like that or live in such a condition in a pod where my privacy is at stake, I'd rather drown myself in piss until I die.Anyway, don't bite dogs. Don't be stupid. Don't call 911 either if you're a pedophile, that's also stupid. But do one thing: give journalists some karma and if needed in self-defense, beat them down or at least soak them with a hose aggressively as a last resort of legal self defense. Just do it.

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