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JMAA LIVE! Episode 29 - World War M (for Manlet)

JMAA LIVE! Episode 29 - World War M (for Manlet)

Britbong being Britbong as usual, WWIII is going on, deleted WWIII memes, Trump taking adderall, Sam Hyde suspended on Twitter, Australia bushfire charities, AI generated films, an ad banned for promoting the patriarchy, feminist DC movies and more this week on the JMAA LIVE! Podcast.How long do we need to keep fighting useless middle east wars for Israel? I have no idea, but at this point it's getting pretty obvious already. We seriously need to focus on stop sucking up to Israel so much, I don't care about that bullshit about Israel being the "promised land", you know that's dogshit from evangelists. Just stop.Also Britbong has been making his own WWIII of spergery at the moment: crying about getting low on donations, making shitty merch, shilling himself on /pol/... he's for this reason my personal lolcow. Forever and EVER. No doubt about it. Even then even if I personally took the L for eating excrement, at least I can sleep nicely knowing that I'm 100x more successful in life than MrBTFO.This KMFDM style thumbnail has been made by itsmintsalad BTW. Let's get rockin'!

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