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JMAA LIVE! Episode 28 - Tri-Hard New Year

JMAA LIVE! Episode 28 - Tri-Hard New Year

It's the roaring 20's again, India's a superpower, MaximillianMus grooming kids, Spoony being fat and a lost soul, the Texas Church Shooting 2.0, the REAL GAMER, Matt Jarbo lawyering up, the Impossible Whopper that turns you into a woman, the dreaded n-word, a game with the Y2K bug in 2020, WWIII started and more this week on this episode of JMAA LIVE!It should be no strange that MaximillianMus is really a big fucking weirdo. Not only getting people to eat shit or shove pencils up their... area, but also grooming kids and shit. Boy, I'm pretty sure MrBTFO wouldn't want to associate with such a predatory weirdo like that. Would he? WOULD HE?Anyway, we dive in into the first podcast of the year with some fat whopping nearly 2 HOURS of podcast enjoyment in here. We got a fat list of things that not only we missed at the end of the previous year, but also a bunch of things that started off 2020. WE'RE CYBERPUNK NOW. And yeah, WWIII is a thing, apparently. Israel ripped off straight out of the map. BYE!The rockin' hard thumbnail is made by Kate. Give her a round.

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