The Scales of Injustice (Carmen R. Johnson PhD)

The Scales of Injustice (Carmen R. Johnson PhD)

Dr. Carmen Johnson spent 44 months of a 10-year sentence in a West Virginia prison work camp as a result of her work and advocacy to prevent and stop mortgage loan abuses aimed at people of color in Maryland. She was charged and falsely convicted with what was labeled as "24 counts of mortgage, bank, and wire fraud".During the years leading up to that sentence, she was bullied, harassed, followed, and called vile names by those who chose to support the lies that had been promoted about her.  While in prison, she was verbally and physically abused and must now manage the resulting PTSD while she fights to clear her name. Read Carmen's Story. Music:  "Keep My Memory" by Alexis Raeana feat. Charly Lowry.Host:  Jay Winter NightwolfPrayer:  Verona IriarteExecutive Producer:  Sandra HopeProduction Editor:  Moe Thomas

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