Nostalgia vs Reality (Karen Collins)

Nostalgia vs Reality (Karen Collins)

In this episode, Nightwolf talks with long-time friend Karen Collins (Eastern Shawnee of Oklahoma). They reminisce about days of old before Covid-19 and the need for humanity to come together so we can survive this evolution to the norm. Karen fondly remembers 1966 when the American Indian Society (now AISDC) was formed and how it has been affected over the years. Karen is Secretary for AISDC and holds Elder status for 54 years of dedication, for promoting unity of Indigenous people, and for staying aware of current Indigenous reality.Music:  Keep My Memory (Alexis Raeana feat. Charly Lowry)Host: Jay Winter NightwolfPrayer: Verona IriarteProduction:  Moe Thomas 

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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