The Jamison Newlander and Some Other Guy Show - Twenty-one

The Jamison Newlander and Some Other Guy Show - Twenty-one

SHOW 21: In a new Jamisance Update, there is news about a new role in a film, a plug for Corey Feldman’s live shows, a plug for Jamison’s wife Hanny Newlander’s one-woman show, and news about a Lost Boys gig in Liverpool! Oh yeah, there’s also news about a Lost Boys musical! Totally fun stuff. AND, a chat bot almost takes over the show. Our theme music is by French artist Chenard and the Sand. The song is called Butterflying and we are using it through a Creative Commons license. We would love to hear from the artist to have his opinion on the use of his music. We found the piece here: and here: Chenard Walcker is a French samplecore artist layering large slabs of pop music, obscure funk, soundtracks, etc. The site offers many albums worth of material as free downloads, as an anti-copyright stance. He also publishes the Free Sample Zone, which is all his material under several monikers, and mostly overlaps the releases under the first link. Sound effects for this episode are used under a Creative Commons license from the following geniuses: LOCKING OLD GARAGE DOOR BY 
Sliding Noise V2.wav by 
Siren by Adam_N at Banging on Screen door by MAJ61785 at Lucky Switch by Steven Brown at

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