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Internet Experts and Know it Alls

Internet Experts and Know it Alls

Ever notice how when anything big happens everyone on the internet suddenly an expert? If it's a legal istuation everyone is suddenly a legal scholar. Trouble in Iraq? Everyone is a combination of Adlai Stevenson and Henry Kissinger. A NBA owner goes on a racist rant? Everyone is an expert on race relations AND the history of the NBA. Time for the World Cup again? Oh look! Soccer experts everywhere letting you know that you just don't get it. Well, it's time these internet experts and know-it-alls were taken down a notch or two and Matt and Jay are just the superior know-it-alls to do it! While they're at it, Matt and Jay have had enough of all these people who consider themselves a "Life Coach" on Twitter too. So they're officially on notice. This Sunday at 12 Noon ET and forever in archives, these people are going to be coached on REAL life! All that plus we'll check in with some of our correspondents, maybe do a "Dead People Interviews" segment and YOUR CALLS!!

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