Trichotillomania: worse than getting bit by a pigeon at Winn-Dixie?

Trichotillomania:  worse than getting bit by a pigeon at Winn-Dixie?

Dr Ross and Nurse Sonja Watkins discuss Trichotillomania and interview several patients.  Dr Ross shares his near-death experience with an aggressive pigeon at Winn-Dixie. Before we get to the Trichotillomania calls, let’s check in with you. Are you OK?  Maybe you should take off your jumpsuit and lay down on the table and let Dr Ross and Nurse Sonja take a good, long look at your medulla oblongata.   Dr Ross saves a 9 year old kid from being a victim of Polio.  Stay away from the Pearl River unless you want to become a Polio person.   Have you seen Dr Ross’ eyelashes?  Please put them in a Ziploc bag so that you don’t catch Rispoli.  Call the hotline and give us the coordinates of the bag, because we can send someone over with a gurney to pick that up. Patient phone calls: Rebecca is on the line.  Dr Ross takes 3000mg of valium and then he takes her call.  Rebecca developed Trichotillomania at 12.  She shares her story with us and patiently listens to Dr. Ross. Jennifer calls in and gives us her background.  After we confirm that she has a uterus, she talks about having Trichotillomania for 20 years.  That’s a long time to suffer with it, so Dr. Ross wants to go ahead and treat her.  He might also treat himself.  After all, Dr. Ross is the patient, doctor, and superintendent at Psych Ward. We’ll hang up and listen. Resources: Jump Suit- Polio Book- Eyelashes- Ziplock Bags- Rispoli: Sopranos Boxed Set DVDs- Valium Coffee Cup- Uterus Plush- Want more Psych ward?  Click here and dive right in.  Also, check out some of the other cool shows we make here at It’s New Orleans.   See for privacy information.

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