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#032 - Low Profyl

#032 - Low Profyl

Here is mix number two for 2020, and this time we have an hour of power from @LoProfyl. And it doesn't disappoint! Hailing from East London Lo Profyl (pronounced Low Profile in case you wondered) is a DJ influenced by various different musical genres (house, soul, breakbeat, funky, bass etc) and although there may be tastes of these genres in his DJ sets, his main focus is his beloved UKG. With some of his own productions in the works Lo Profyl aims to be more active creatively in the future too. A wicked blend of 4x4 and 2-step UKG (and a splatter of Funky) with a focus on the current sound from producers including Mind Of A Dragon, TuffCulture and Para to name a few! This is definitely a mix worth checking out. Tracklisting below, click on the 'Download' link to get the mix and to find out where to buy the tracks and show support to the artists making this mix possible! 01. @bailey-ibbs - Love Can Do 02. @kobejt & @soundsoftenshu - Heartbroken 03. @mikedelinquent - The Warning 04. @mindofadragon - Run DMC Dub 05. Twin Dubz - Outta Control 06. Carpenter Man - Give Up 07. @deadlyhabitz - 90's Vibe 08. Karl 'Tuff Enough' Brown - Deep Down 09. @solution44 - Sweet Soul 10. Club Asylum - You're A Freak 11. Razzler Man - River 12. @smokey-bubblin-b-992965020 - 1994 (I Need A Man Re-Edit) 13. Simon Treecotot - After Midnight 14. BLK JCK - All I Need 15. @tuffculture - Been Too Long 16. @leda-stray - Bengal 17. Interplanetary Criminal & Breaka - Sensational (Breaka Remix) 18. Chris Olszewski & Derrick Da House - Garage Is Garage 19. @smasherofficial - All Night 20. @parabeats - Up All Night 21. @prescribe-da-vibe - Clearer Now 22. Lo Profyl - Years

Duration: 1 hr 1 min

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