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#026 - E1D Ft. G Dot Riz

#026 - E1D Ft. G Dot Riz

It only seemed right to get another set down with an MC, and this is a first for this current mix series. For #026 I got G Dot Riz into the studio to lay down some bars over an hour of fresh UKG. Here's what he said when I asked for a bit of background... "I Love UKG music and have done since I was a teenager, inspired by my good friend MC Easyrider (RIP), so it wasn't too long before I was practising lyrics and then started to take it a bit more seriously. I’ve played out at various events around the south, supporting the likes of DJ Cartier, Matt Jam Lamont, Artful Dodger, Sunship, Rossi B & Luca and I was resident MC at UKGU in Guildford. I've worked closely with Mr Chimps and have guested on stations such as Deja Vu, Divine, FreshSoundz, UK Raw, Confetti Digital, EmpireLDN to name a few. I'll be linking up with the NOSA crew this year for a new chapter in music for me." Follow G Dot Riz: @glenn-pound Tracklisting below, click on the 'Download' link get the mix and to find out where to buy the tracks and show support to the artists making this mix possible! 01. Swings & Roundabouts Part 2 - Untitled 2 02. Swings & Roundabouts - Untitled 3 03. Sammy Virji - Shapes (Oh Will) 04. Royal Flush - Heard It B4 05. George Wilson - Smile 06. Perception - So Good 07. Minista - Huxley 08. Jack Junior - Say What 09. Witchdoctor - From The Inside (Earthnut Remix) 10. Marts - Third Light (On1 Remix) 11. Conducta - Vitamin C 12. Sammy Virji - Promise Me 13. Sharda - Peace & Love 14. Dr Oscillator - Amnesia 15. On1 - Slinky (Fork And Knife Remix) 16. Joedan - That's Hot 17. Swings & Roundabouts Part 2 - Untitled 4 18. Todd Edwards - You're Sorry (Earsling Dub) 19. Cardi B Ft. Bruno Mars - Please Me (Royal Flush Remix) 20. WTS Ft. Mya K - In Sane (Charles Jay Remix) 21. CJ Reign - Move My Way (Steppers Dub) 22. Enrique Gongora - To The Left To The Right 23. Higgo - Crazy 24. D Selektah - Inuff (Royal Flush Remix) 25. Man Of Steel - Crazy 26. Wiley x Sean Paul x Stefflon Don Ft. Idris Elba - Boasty (Conducta Remix)​

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