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The Importance of Breath with Keleah Anderson

The Importance of Breath with Keleah Anderson

When is the last time you focused on how you are breathing? Our breath is connected to life. Learn the importance of breath-- not just from a physiological standpoint-- but also on an emotional and spiritual level. In today's episode, Keleah Anderson is going to share with you all about breath, burnout, and going deeper with Jesus. Today’s Speaker- Keleah AndersonKeleah came to Yoga through two passions ~ cheerleading and gymnastics. The rhythm and movement of yoga was a beautiful extension of her two greatest childhood loves that had led her to a career in health & fitness.   With an education background in physical therapy/anatomy and over 25 years of experience teaching and training, yoga quickly became another class she could offer her clients.   It was not until her personal journey with depression found new depths of healing through her practice that yoga became something completely different.  Keleah found movement that was sacred, union that was restful and postures that were powerful.  She found home - a place of Being, not doing! A lifetime of cheering included a collegiate cheer career at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville from 1991-1994.  Keleah began her yoga practice in 1999 and took her first teacher training in November of 2001.   She followed that with a 200-hour training in Ashtanga in 2004.   She spent 2 years in Austin, Texas studying Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga extensively. In addition, in 2011 she completed Holy Yoga training. In May of 2016, Keleah opened Abundant Yoga Studio.  Founded on following the Holy Spirit (goose-symbol) and circling in prayer (the circle) this unique yoga system honors God first and offers a biblically-based practice.  Keleah’s passion today is to help develop and inspire yoga teachers to offer something Abundantly beyond a physical yoga practice – to facilitate worship through message and movement.After 20 years guiding students on the mat in the group setting, today Keleah sees her calling to the mission of Abundant Yoga as one of God’s greatest gifts.  Keleah resides in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband of 24 years, 3 children and their dog, Rosie.  When not on her yoga mat, her favorite place to be is on the lake or the beach in the sunshine with her family.Website: https://www.abundantyoga.comYou’ll LearnHow to practice breathing and decrease anxietyHow to find balance in your lifeThe importance of self-care in avoiding burnout It Starts With Attraction Ep. 019: The Importance of Breath with Keleah Anderson

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