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SMART Communication in Your Relationships: Part 1

SMART Communication in Your Relationships: Part 1

You have probably seen many people communicate with others in a way that you thought, "Oh my goodness. This is a disaster."There are smart and not so smart ways that you can communicate with the people in your life. Unfortunately, the majority of us end up defaulting to a type of communication style that only causes frustration, anger in relationships, and disillusion. These types of communication do not seek to clearly communicate and listen to identify core issues and move forward in the best way possible.Instead, learn how to communicate with people in your lives in a smart way. The principles of SMART Communication should be implemented in the important relationships in our lives in order for the best, most efficient communication possible. With SMART Communication, learn how to communicate clearly and effectively while strengthening your relationships.Today's Speaker: Kimberly Beam HolmesKimberly Beam Holmes has applied her master’s degree in psychology for over 10 years, acting as the CEO of Marriage Helper & CEO and Creator of PIES University, being a wife and mother herself, and researching the ways that attraction affects relationships. Her videos, podcasts, and following reaches over 200,000 people a month who are making changes and becoming the best that they can be.  Website: www.PIESUniversity.comYou’ll LearnWhat SMART Communication isHow to have healthy communication in your relationshipsHow to move past feelings of contemptFind ways to connect better with people in your lifeEp 027: SMART Communication in Your Relationships: Part 1, with Kimberly Beam Holmes. 

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