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Signs of Addiction with David Mathews

Signs of Addiction with David Mathews

Do you need help dealing with addiction either for yourself or a loved one?  If your loved one loved you back, would he or she be able to stop the hurtful behavior? Today’s guest, David Mathews, explains the definition of addiction and talks about several ways addiction affects the brain, explaining how “natural dopamine production in the body is like whispering in your ear. When you have artificial drugs coming in, it’s like someone shouting with a megaphone in your ear.”David Mathews goes into detail about how some personalities are more susceptible to addiction, how an addict’s brain gets reprogrammed, and what to do when supporting a loved one who suffers from addiction.  Mathew’s greatest advice is “There’s always, always, always hope. Until there is no hope”. Don’t miss today’s informative show!Today’s Speaker – David MathewsIn 2008, David and Debbie Mathews founded Spark of Life, a non-profit organization, following the loss of their grandson.  Since then, Spark of Life has conducted over 60 weekend Grief Recovery Workshops, with over 7,000 attending. The organization continues to grow, offering a Grief Recovery Online Course, Grief Coaching with certified Grief Recovery Coaches, and Virtual Grief Recovery Retreats. David Mathews has been leading the Marriage Helper workshop for over 10 years. He has his Master’s in Addiction Counseling and has worked with people for decades in that area.  David is the author of Why Do You Hurt Me, God?, a book that comes out of working with thousands of people who have asked that question following both death and non-death losses. Website:; Marriage HelperInstagram: @sparkoflife.orgFacebook: Spark of LifeYou’ll Learn The definition of addictionWhether an addict can simply stop hurtful behavior without helpThe difference between having a problem versus having an addictionHow to support an addictHow an addict’s brain worksIt Starts With Attraction Ep. 025:  Signs of Addiction with David Mathews 

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