Kimberly Beam Holmes

Mindfulness: The Hidden Gem to Being Happy

Mindfulness: The Hidden Gem to Being Happy

Could mindfulness be the hidden gem to being happy?What is mindfulness? In this podcast, you will learn the research behind mindfulness and gain an understanding of how mindfulness can benefit you in four key areas- Mind, Brain, Body, and Behaviors. Listen to today's episode to learn ways to apply mindfulness to your everyday life, start dealing with your emotions, be present, and disconnect from distractions.Today's Speaker: Kimberly Beam HolmesKimberly Beam Holmes has applied her master’s degree in psychology for over 10 years, acting as the CEO of Marriage Helper & CEO and Creator of PIES University, being a wife and mother herself, and researching the ways that attraction affects relationships. Her videos, podcasts, and following reaches over 200,000 people a month who are making changes and becoming the best that they can be.  Website: www.PIESUniversity.comMentioned:’ll LearnWhat mindfulness isA quick mindfulness practice5 Ways to integrate mindfulness into your everyday lifeHow mindfulness affects your mind, body, brain, and behaviorsHow mindfulness helps with PIESEp 010: Mindfulness: The Hidden Gem of Being Happy, with Kimberly Beam Holmes. 

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