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Eating for Your Macros with Emily Field RD

Eating for Your Macros with Emily Field RD

If you have ever heard the term Macro Dieting and thought, "That's WAY too much math" then this episode is for you. Today, I am talking to Registered Dietitian, Emily Field who has been working in the field of macro dieting. In today's episode, we will be sharing what macros are, how to eat for your macros, and how macros affect your body.*Be sure to download the attraction assessment by opting in to emails at’s Speaker - Emily Field, RDEmily Field is not your average Dietitian.She uses her expertise to empower her clients to embrace a macro-based, balanced eating pattern that protects their metabolism, supports lean muscle gains, and leads to stress-free, fat loss.She eats the yolks, adds heavy cream to her coffee and tops with guacamole whenever possible. Straight talk and tough love is what you’ll get from her.She believes that strong is beautiful. Calories are not to be feared, but neither are potatoes or poptarts. Your worth is not wrapped up in the size of your pants or the number on the scale. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with messages about our health. Often the messages are complicated, confusing and contradictory. If you’re ready to mute that noise and learn what really works for your body, contact Emily Field RD.Website: https://emilyfieldrd.comYou’ll LearnWhat macros areDifference between calorie-tracking and macro-dietingHow to eat for your macrosHow macros affect your bodyHow different diets (vegan, paleo, etc.) compare to macrosIt Starts With Attraction Ep. 023: Eating for Your Macros with Emily Field RD

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