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Sophie Sayer and Bridget Kenyon

Sophie Sayer and Bridget Kenyon

A new is book titled, A Guide to the Implementation and Auditing of ISMS Controls based on ISO/IEC 27001. Reasons why Bridget chose us to publish her book are:- because you're quite prominent in the marketplace and I can see what you're aiming to achieve which is, bridging the gap between what people need and what they think they need. If you know what I mean, helping people understand what they actually need and turning that into reality. Where the books are there to support that process and then the consulting is there to facilitate it. This is the book you need when you’ve decided you want to be complaint with or certified to ISO 27001 Implementation guidance, which is easy to understand by people working in business This book fills the gap between the standard and how companies can implement it This book also includes auditing guidance

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