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Is Anybody Out There?

"Is Anybody Out There?" a podcast series about loneliness brought to you by the Connectery. Join Jeremy Warshaw and Judy D'Mello, a couple of transplanted Brits living in NYC, on their journey to discover what loneliness really is. Why is it that people get lonely? Does loneliness attack us psychologically as well as physically? Is age a factor? Why do we not have a word for the opposite of loneliness? Can we become un-lonely? Or, is it simply a symptom of our disconnected modern-day world? The duo had so many questions but the trouble is, they're no experts. So, they talked to scientists, authors, gerontologists, psychologists, urban planners, and to everyday lonely people from ages 19 to 91. What they learned was truly surprising, and even upsetting at times. Ultimately, it left them facing the biggest question of all: What kind of a society do we want to be?

Episodes: 11


Episode 10: Emperor for the Day

Duration: 25 min

Episode 9: Community Architecture

Duration: 29 min

Episode 8: A Lonely Planet

Duration: 28 min

Episode 7: PayPal or Venmo

Duration: 30 min

Episode 6: Friendship

Duration: 24 min

Episode 5: Being Alone

Duration: 29 min

Episode 4: Seniors and Loneliness

Duration: 27 min

Episode 3: Hashtag Lonely

Duration: 32 min

Episode 2: What is Loneliness?

Duration: 23 min

Episode 1: Snapshots of Loneliness

Duration: 24 min

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