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247. I Spent $500,000 On An Event...

247. I Spent $500,000 On An Event...

🔥Make sure you grab tickets to Fund Launch Live 2022 ($100 Off)🔥 Get your tickets here: As many of you know, Fund Launch Live is coming up at the end of April🔥   And since this is literally the first ever fund manager event, we decided that we needed to make it AMAZING   Well, with that goal in mind, I ended up spending over $500,000 to make it happen...😅   For today's episode, I walk through where all of this money went, the logistics behind throwing a 1,000 person event, and how this event is going to pay off for myself, my team, and everyone who attends the event   Fund Launch Live is going to make history👊   Enjoy the episode!

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