The What Year Is This Stew Strauss New Year's Day Electric Eclectic Radio Special (S01, E04)

The What Year Is This Stew Strauss New Year's Day Electric Eclectic Radio Special (S01, E04)

The Thing I Used To Do, they didn't have to pay me for, but did. I pulled the microfiber sweater right over their eyes. I loved going to work early and staying late, when there were tracks itching to be spun. Working full time "On The Air" at a commercial radio station (that I loved from the first time I found it on the dial, in a place I loved living) was a dream come true! You'll know why the station is called "The-X" in the first set. Bruce Van Dyke hired me to be the part time overnight deep-cuts relief guy. The station was brimming with some of the best DJ's (not so much boss jocks,) but real music lovers and aficionados, including an early pioneer of Bay Area FM Radio, Baba O'Lear. I fell in love with music and artists that were new to me, but the heart of what a true AAA radio station set out to be. It was all about the music! For me, it still is and exactly why I didn't look back, once the passion was gone. By Y2K it was about over for me. All they wanted were voices between commercials. DJ's with tastes and opinions were no longer needed. Sirius and XM hadn't started yet and I did not want to be a morning jock on a (no offense) Sunny, Alice, or any pre-programmed, consultant run radio station.  I loved it while it lasted and made a lot of great friendships. I met, interviewed and emceed for a lot of great artists, as well. A few of whom you'll hear in this show.  We're going back to the afternoon of January 01, 1998. Dress for the crisp mountain air and snow. Bring your best boots to wear on your happy feet. If you're ready for this musical journey and a timeless blend of some of the best damn music on the planet... Just Press Play!!!

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