The David Nieker Oh My Ribs Mystery Tour (S01, E05)

The David Nieker Oh My Ribs Mystery Tour (S01, E05)

The ”Into The Woods With Stewart Strauss” Podcast is a fun and enlightening romp through the forest of creativity. Guests will include award winning, nominated and other creative artists from across the arts and entertainment industry. We'll explore the creative process, tell stories and play songs around the campfire, while searching for the spark that ignites creativity. Please join David Nieker (actor, comedian, recording artist,) the Into The Woods Orchestra and myself, as we go deep into the vortex of our souls, searching for the force that drives us all. Next up... Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill is a world class guitarist, film and TV composer. He's been on the worlds biggest stages and recorded with many of the finest recording artists on the planet. Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald and George Benson, just to name a few. Michael has generously provided some of his music for the podcasts and will be on an upcoming episode. Tom E. Wright is a creative force all his own. The picture you're looking at was conceived of and photographed by Tom. He’s worked with everyone from Jim Hendrix to Peter Gabriel and so many more. “Wastin' Away In L.A.” is a ditty I wrote and recorded a while back. The band was playing live in the studio and featured Greg Fowler (vocals, guitar), John Balbuena (Rhodes), David Sprock (drums), Phil Upchurch Jr. (bass). Lou Robins (baritone sax) and me, Stewart Strauss (lead guitar, producer) Thanks for listening and I hope you come back often… for our journeys Into The Woods! Cheers! Stewart Strauss

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