Michael & Bryana Porter

PART 1 with the Estes'

PART 1 with the Estes'

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview our dear friends Ryan and Sarah. We split it up into two episodes because it ended up being a couple hours long! We wanted to get part 1 out asap and finally after the holidays we've had some time to do that. You will not be disappointed! In part 1 you are introduced to the Estes' and see some of their back story. We dive into a major difficult point in their marriage and really what drove them to get help. They were both at a breaking point knowing something needed to change. We see them lean in to the Lord as they cry out to him. Counseling was pivotal as you will see more in episode two. We appreciate the vulnerability and humility and steadfastness the Estes' bring. We hope you are blessed by their story as much as we have been!www.intimacyisaverb.comInstagram: Intimacyisaverb

Duration: 56 min

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