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6. What Slavery Engendered: An Intersectional Look at 1619

6. What Slavery Engendered: An Intersectional Look at 1619

In this episode, Kimberlé chops it up with Dorothy Roberts, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a leading scholar in race, gender, bioethics, and the law. In a conversation that merges intersectional inquiry with The 1619 Project, which interrogates America’s history of slavery in order to understand racial disparities in 2019, Crenshaw and Roberts shed light on the lasting consequences of slavery, segregation, and White Supremacy, and their impact on Black women specifically. Their timely conversation highlights the relationship between the legacy of slavery and instances of modern oppression against Black women, such as the curbing of welfare, forced sterilization, and mass incarceration. Music by Blue Dot Sessions Produced and Edited by Julia Sharpe-Levine Recorded by Emmett O’Malley and Julia Sharpe-Levine Additional support provided by Andrew Sun, Mihir Samson, G’Ra Asim, and Michael Kramer Twitter: @IMKC_podcast, IG: @IntersectionalityMatters, Fb: Intersectionality Matters with Kimberlé Crenshaw #IntersectionalityMatters

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