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Hello 2020! Your 2020 goals and the habits you need to achieve them

Hello 2020! Your 2020 goals and the habits you need to achieve them

Hello 2020! I am so excited to be back to work this week! I spent the last two weeks completely unplugged and just totally enjoying my time with my kids. While it didn't go exactly as planned, I still feel very refreshed. Today, I want to talk to you about my goal setting process for 2020 and how I divide my goals up into the different roles and categories I play in life, myself (personal goals), entrepreneur (business goals), Wife (or partner), Mother, Financial (not tied to the business), House etc. As I go through this process of physically writing down my goals, yes, I grab a note book and write them down, I slow down and reflect. I start by reflecting on 2019. Where I succeeded. Where I failed. Where I needed support. Basically what went right and what didn't. I start there and I review my old goals to see what got done and what didn't, and why. From there I then go into the process for writing down goals for each of the categories that I defined. Some may be goals, like lose 10 pounds or write a book, you will find that others are exercise x number of days per week or be an exceptional mother. Both of these things need more definition but in different ways. For the exercise example that is actually a habit I need to create in pursuit of the goal of loosing 10 pounds. When it comes to being an exceptional mother....what does that mean? I always dig deeper, reading to the kids x number of times per week. Being completely unplugged after work etc. These are all habits I need to create in order to achieve my goal. I always define the habits that need to exist for me to achieve my goal. You will find if you go through this exercise for yourself that many of your goals are actually habits in pursuit of a goal you want to achieve. For example, if my goal is to enroll 100 people into my Business Ecosystem Builders group what habits do I need to create to make that happen? Blog weekly, youtube weekly etc. All of these are on my goal list but they are in all actuality habits I need to create in order to do this. So if I take this one step further....how do I integrate these habits into my daily life. James Clear has an awesome book called Atomic Habits which dives deep into the root of habits and habit stacking which is one of my favorite ways to integrate new habits into my routine. Essentially you take a habit you are already doing and stack a new one before or after it. This will help integrate the habit into your routine so that you are taking action daily. I'd love for you to share 1 of your goals with me below and the habits you need to create in order to achieve that goal. If you haven't already head on over to www.omgapply.com and fill out the application to work with me and my team inside of our Done with You Business Ecosystem Builders Group Program.

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