Who Knew?

Who Knew?

Vocal Majority Live and In Concert at White's Chapel - Part One Hosted by Clint Blalock It was Friday night. It was a beautiful February evening in Texas. It was almost Spring. It was Valentine’s Day. The start of our weekend was bubbling with anticipation and thoughts of love. The hundred men who made the trip to South Lake Texas that night were feeling exceptionally positive .…almost giddy if you will. Giddy because these guys love to sing…and they love to sing love songs. So what better way to start our weekend of romance than to serenade a few hundred patrons of choral music with an hour of love songs….all kind of songs. We sang songs about the people we hold dearly in our hearts…songs about our love of state and country…and songs about our love of God. But who knew this evening would also be one of the last times for many days to come that these men could greet each other with a handshake or stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the riser? Who knew it would be the last time, for now, that we could hug a visiting family member, a friend or newcomer in the lobby after the show? Who knew anything about “virtual afterglows”? Who knew that after this night, one of the only ways left for us to touch someone would be through a song? Who knew? However, Vocal Majority looks back on this podcast of that evening’s performance not with sadness or remorse, but with validation for why we exist. We sing the songs that touch people….that touch your heart and soul. We sing the songs that bring us together….connect us…embrace us. So we hope you find some peace and reassurance in these two ”VM Live & In Concert at White’s Chapel” episodes. And just know, the men of the Vocal Majority are doing ok…matter of fact, we are better than ever! We continue to sing and rehearse virtually. And when the day arrives when we all can be together again, be assured that we will be just as giddy about singing for you as we were on that night in February.

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