This Is How We Do It

This Is How We Do It

Inside Vocal Majority Episode 2 - This Is How We Do It Vocal Majority musical director Greg Clancy and current chorus member/future chorus retiree Anthony continue their conversation from episode 1, recounting both fun and scary Christmas show stories. The fun: how the VM handled "Snowmageddon"! The scary: the time a chorus member fell into the orchestra pit with nothing to break his fall but music stands. Does he survive? Yes! It would have been weird if he didn't! Anthony talks about how his time performing and acting with the VM Christmas shows helped him to overcome some major life hurdles. And they discuss the secret formula to the shows' success (spoiler alert: Learn that Anthony is just making up his lines as he acts in VM shows!). This episode features more Vocal Majority favorite Christmas tunes: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Silent Night", "Mary Did You Know", and a sneak peak at Anthony's debut arrangement for the VM of "The Polar Express"...with VM member Will Renfroe singing all four parts!  Be sure to check out Episode 3: Jim Clancy's "Secret of Christmas" when you will hear from the legend himself as he shares his memories of Christmas as a boy and how his family values, spirituality and love of music helped shape the Vocal Majority over the last 50 years. If you have topics or a theme you would like the VM to discuss or if you are enjoying this series of podcasts, please let us know by leaving your comments here or on our website: https://www.vocalmajority.com/blog For recordings and show tickets, visit us at vocalmajority.com, and look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube (you’ll love VM videos!)

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