Take A Cup Of Kindness

Take A Cup Of Kindness

Inside Vocal Majority Episode #4 - Take A Cup of Kindness Due to the overwhelming response to our previous three episodes, Vocal Majority is thrilled to offer a bonus episode at the close of this year and decade.... Take A Cup of Kindness. And to look back and sum it all up for us are the men who have guided the chorus over the last 50 years....Jim and Greg Clancy. Jim shares his very personal thoughts about passing his director’s baton to his son, his memories of his musical family and the influence it had on his music. And when he is asked about a muse in his life....someone who has influenced him and hundreds of his choral arrangements...Jim reveals the evocative answer. Along the way, you’ll hear the songs at the heart of these stories...”I’ll Be Seeing You” and “He/I Believe”. And finally, Greg and Jim recount the highs and lows (notes, that is…) of this past decade...and what it meant to the VM to close out this decade, singing for over 20 million people.  We think this episode is the perfect way to say farewell 2019 and welcome 2020 … with “Pure Harmony”....and Pure Honesty. So pour yourself “a cup of kindness” and sing along with the VM …. just ”for Auld Lang Syne”. 

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