Eddie Thunders From Down Under - Part One

Eddie Thunders From Down Under - Part One

Inside Vocal Majority Eddie Thunders From Down Under - Part One The Vocal Majority is honored to share a two-part podcast-interview with our own Eddie Martinez, recently produced by two of Barbershop Harmony Australia’s movers & shakers…Richard Reeve and Ash Schofield on their “Good Morning BHA” podcast. Eddie is an accomplished singing professional and educator, BHS judge, coach and gold medalist as well as a Vocal Majority tenor, section leader and director of the VM small group…Vocal Majority Express. Eddie shares personal stories about his life and decades dedicated to coaching, teaching and encouraging barbershop singing, not only across the US ,Canada & UK…but to nearly every corner of the continent of Australia. We think you’ll enjoy this 30-minute conversation with Eddie, Richard & Ash …so be sure to check out part-two of “Eddie Thunders from Down Under”.

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