Judgement Day

...Battle Angel Headquarters...

...Battle Angel Headquarters...

If you Google the word Battle Angel an anime is all that appears. If you Google the word demon you will see thousands of results. Why does one of the most powerful spiritual entities in existence not show in a simple Google search? I will tell you why... an Angel is a closed book unless it wants to be opened. That book opens now...These messages are the result of my time spent deciphering Angel policies with my Guardian Battle Angel. My Angel trains other Angels. Even now my Angel is reaching out to your Angel within. The information revealed about Angel training, duties, and lifestyle are prolific. You will be able to interact via email and ask for Battle Angels to intervene. You will be able to contact us through social media and alert us to unwanted spiritual interactions worldwide. This is Battle Angel Dispatch and we are here to help. My Angel speaks through me to each one of you in real time as you listen to these entries. Be open-minded and allow the communication, awareness, hope, and healing to flow. Angels reside in each of you. Angel trainers are tasked with making those hidden Angels self aware. Once spiritually aware those Angels begin a process of automatic training and development. I am here to initiate in some cases and facilitate in others that autonomic process. Some of you are aware that a force for good resides within you no matter how much you try to embellish the darkness. Once you become aware, you can never become unaware. Even if you think you do not believe in God, what you do believe in does believe in God and whatever it is that is watching you, Angels are watching them, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

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