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30: Linting for Design Quality with Elle

30: Linting for Design Quality with Elle

We are continuing our focus on UI Quality from last episode and are diving deep into design linters. Elle and her team work on Facebook-internal Figma plugins that provide guidance on aspects like colours and usability of user interfaces. In the interview, Elle and Pascal discuss how the plugin leverages Facebook's web architecture to roll out changes quickly and how a shared REST API allows for rules to be used in multiple contexts. Got feedback? Send it to us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/insidefbmobile), Instagram (https://instagram.com/insidefbmobile) and don’t forget to follow our host @passy (https://twitter.com/passy). Fancy working with us? Check out http://fb.com/careers. Links Docusaurus 2.0 Beta - https://docusaurus.io/blog/2021/05/12/announcing-docusaurus-two-beta F8 - https://developers.facebook.com/f8/ Rapid release at massive scale - https://engineering.fb.com/2017/08/31/web/rapid-release-at-massive-scale/ Figma API - https://www.figma.com/developers/api GraphQL - https://graphql.org/ Relay - https://relay.dev/ Timestamps Intro 0:06 News: Docusaurus 2 News: F8 1:59 Elle introduction 2:13 Shift Left Initiative 3:32 UI Layout Linters 6:03 Figma Plugins 14:20 Outro 27:26 Bloopers 28:23

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